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Rhyan Jenkins
Artist | Student | Artisan Crafts
United Kingdom
Hey, I'm Rhyan and I am an aspiring interior designer from the UK! I've been drawing since I studied art in secondary school and it has been my favorite hobby since. Art is very important to me, and I enjoy drawing most of all. Thank you for all the support and all the faves, comments and llamas.


After compiling that massive tileset together; I'm completely art worked out.

Has anyone got any ideas for what they want to see from me next?
Pokemon Gaia Project Tileset (COMPLETE-ISH) by PixelMister
Pokemon Gaia Project Tileset (COMPLETE-ISH)
Pokemon Gaia Project Tileset!

Hi Guys! 
As you know, I've been away from Deviantart for a few weeks but I've been doing stuff whilst I've been away. I'm sure many of you have had frustrations when trying to compile a Pokemon Tileset together; with missing tiles, poor quality, missing colours and transparency issues. I've come across these and many more.

After scouring the internet, I found zetavares852 Project Gaia. Project Gaia was a collection of Pokemon Tiles which were most official. I was astounded by how many there were, and that on the whole it seemed complete. The sheets were originally released at 512x512px which were unusable in Pokemon Essentials, without editing. He was then good enough to post a collective sheet, however this was also unusable.

So I decided to take it upon myself to compile the tileset into a 16x16px grid; which can be used within Tiled and also in RPG Maker if the size of the tiles are doubled. I felt that not only would I benefit from doing this but sharing with the community was a must!

I hope you all appreciate how long it took me to collate everything; I will one day put them into more precise sections (nature, sea, paths, trees, etc) but for now they are just in the order that the Gaia Tileset Snippets are.

Enjoy, and please favourite and comment, so people are aware it's here!


Sheet Updates
Sheet 1 (Trees) - Added
Sheet 2 (Sea) - Added
Sheet 3 (Objects) - Added
Sheet 4 (Paths) - Added
Sheet 5 ( Safari and DP Tiles) - Added
Sheet 6 (Mountains and Caves) - Added
Sheet 7 (Dungeons) - Added
Sheet 8 (Nature) - Added
Sheet 9 (Bridges and Miscellaneous) - Added
Sheet 10 (Oreburgh City) - Added
Sheet 11 (Spear Pillar and Miscellaneous) - Added
Sheet 12 (Seafaring and Port Tiles) - Added
Sheet 13 (Distortion World) - Added
Sheet 14 (Miscellaneous) - Added
Sheet 15 (Buildings) - Not yet added

Waterfall Tiles haven't been added from the Gaia Project, as they are pointless without being animated.

Note: If there are any tile positioning problems, please let me know - I can offer a fully editable .PSD with all the tiles on for you to edit/rearrange/add to.

Credit List
Please access the credit list by clicking the link.
Note: I am not responsible for any missing credits or tiles which haven't been given permission.
All work belongs to each respective artist.
Main Keep #2 by PeekyChew
I'd thought I'd critique another piece, as I critiqued the Honmaru Palace piece.

Again, I'm going to congratulate you on creating such an amazing piece as you can see how much time has gone into this; and combined with the other collection of tiles for Honmaru Palace, it creates something outstanding.

As before, I'll separate my critique into the categories you rate by.

You've definitely maintained the Japanese/Chinese feel with these tiles and that the Palace you reference from has clearly informed your design. Tiles have limitations when they are this size; but you've done an amazing job with how small a size you work with. This as before remains an original concept and you've captured the essence of the design perfectly.

As I have said above, this is an original concept. From the idea to look at the reference, and try and replicate it, instead of just using it for certain sections.
The only reason I marked it down the 3.5 stars, is that it's a real place. I think you could excel creating a completely original place/tile without reference.

I haven't changed this section as I feel that it's still relevant; as much as I like works based on other things; your talent surpasses this now. You would be able to create something as equally outstanding from your imagination.

Ah technique; the one I feel people always look at in most detail. You've still maintained the standard of execution from the last piece and the amount of detail on the roof tiles is astonishing. However I do feel the entrance walls look a little out of place with the rest of the building and that perhaps something could be done to improve the windows? They seem a little basic; if you have tried before and it's just because of the limitations you were under and overcomplicating the design would ruin it; then that's fair enough - that's a personal niggle, and something I wouldn't mark you down on.

It would still not look out of place as a Pokemon Tile. The colours chosen are brilliant, especially for the roof. By doing so you created a ditherin/anti-aliasing effect, without actually anti-aliasing.

Well it's obviously going to impact those who make fan-games or Pokemon maps. I feel that it will offer a variety to those maps, by introducing something not present in existing works.

This still applies; as the comment still stands. The only thing I will add is that if interior tiles were to be made as well; it would be extremely well received.

Final Word:
I know that this critique is probably an odd read; due to some sections staying the same; but I feel this is as testament to your good work; if there isn't anything else to stay but the need for a critique is there; then you've done a good job.

I just felt that some things needed to be tackled; and that people often appreciate critiques more then comments, due to the time and effort which also goes in to writing these.

Overall Score:
★★★★ and 1/2

The new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon has arrived, and boy was it good!


Generation VII now has 31 available different Pokemon revealed and have shown that Game Freaks creative spark hasn't gone.
This trailer introduced six new Alola Region Pokemon, and if you haven't seen them yet here they are!








Generation VII is still giving us plenty of surprises with the introduction of type forms for existing classic Pokemon! 






With the reveals of these, I also noticed that Exeggutor has already been seen previous albeit on the cover of the Jungle Booster Pack in Japan!
Exeggutor by PixelMister


As I said previously, the trailer was very good and showed various different things - I'm very excited for the Z Moves, although I think the name could've been better - each type has an Z-Move; and it doesn't correspond to what type the Pokemon using it is - for example if Surfing Pikachu was in Sun and Moon it would be able to use Hydro Vortex as long as it is holding the Water Type Z-Stone!!
This would create an awesome dynamic in multiplayer battles!

The second thing is RIDING POKEMON! This was an awesome feature in X and Y, which was omitted from ORAS apart from the Soar ability of Latios and Latias. It looks like both types are coming back; I mean you can ride a CHARIZARD! Imagine surfing on a Blastoise or flying on a Altaria.

I'm not sure what I think of the Island Challenges, as they haven't mentioned Gym Leaders, and a Pokemon game without Gym Leaders is like Ash not being with Pikachu xD 


Something I noticed whilst reading the descriptions of the new Pokemon, was the name of one of the Alolan Islands!
Introducing Akala Island! After surveying the Alola region map, and the description of Lush Jungle and the appearance in the trailer, this island is the one which best suited:

Alola Region Lush Jungle by PixelMister


I hope you've enjoyed reading this journal, as much as I have writing it -
Comment below with what your thinking about the new reveals, what Pokemon you'd like to see with new Alolan Formes and which Pokemon you'd like to ride!

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2. Battleview - Is there a plugin or something for having a battleview like these?

3. Battle Preparations Screen - In some battle systems they allow for you to choose your units before going into battle ( Is there a plugin for something like this?
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